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Gardening Tips 

GREEN THUMB TIPS BY Seaweeders garden club members


Amaryllis, Hippeastrum & Paperwhite Narcissus are very popular holiday gifts. Once the blooms have faded you can plant them outside in a partly shady corner of the garden for repeat bloom next year.

After planting, leave the leaves until they completely yellow, tucking them out of sight. They capture and store up energy for next year's growth. The bulb itself contains much of what the plant will need to continue to thrive for years. Adding bonemeal or compost at planting will increase your success. The bulbs will "naturalize" (or multiply) in the soil and you can even cut the flowers to bring back indoors next year.

Old tips that work

Selecting the right tree for your garden

We can grow a wide variety of trees from around the world here, but which ones actually belong in our individual gardens?

Before you plant a tree, consider this:
Do you want an evergreen to screen a view, to create cool deep shade or a deciduous tree for light shade. Do you want color or fruit?

Anticipate the mature size and shape of the tree: will it naturally be big or small, tall or wide?
Will the tree you choose become a nuisance to neighbors by blocking sun or view?
Learn about its care: will it need a lot of water, pruning or cleanup?

Will its roots have room to spread without damaging a patio or sidewalk?

Choose wisely. A well-planted tree may last a lifetime - or more!

All are welcome who would like to be a part of a garden club and making a beautiful difference.